2019 Keynote and Workshop Materials

The LIFE & LEGACYTM/Create a Jewish Legacy Leadership Gathering is an opportunity to network with others engaged in legacy initiatives from across North America to network, share best practices, brainstorm around challenges and learn new skills.

Nanette Fridman

Generational-Centric Engagement
Turning Your Board Into Legacy Ambassadors

Karen Martin

Legacy Letter Bootcamp Booklet

Jim Mueth

Marketing for LIFE & LEGACY Conference

Rachel Rosenman​

Using Video to Drip-market Legacy Giving​

Brian Saber

Asking Styles
Asking Styles Your Team

Tracy Salkowitz

Formalizing Your Legacy Gifts
Moan-less Team Management

Karen Secular

Communicating the Impact of Your Legacy Program

Juliana Sellers

Life Insurance Presentation

Lani Starkey

Blended Gifts Presentation

Working with Advisors

8 Ways to Ask

Debra Steinbuch

Engaging Younger Donors in Legacy Giving

Alli Thresher

Intro to Social Media

Conference Videos

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Monday Dinner 

Tuesday Breakfast

Tuesday Lunch